Stereo Design

The roots of Precision Audio & Video are in hi-end audio. Established in 1985, many years of experience have brought our store to where it is today. Our sound systems are known for achieving the ultimate in realism they put you in touch with the musical performance.You will find our hi-end sound room comfortable and beautifully appointed. Sources and preamplifiers are located outside the sound room, with power amplifiers and speakers inside.

This set-up makes your comparisons of components occur quickly and easily.What differentiates our store from the rest, is the level of system design expertise that we have been able to reach. Live acoustical music is the basis for the criteria used to measure the performance of the audio systems that we design. audio excellence to the same level as Precision Audio & Video. You are the beneficiary of all of these products, put together with the best system design capability available today.

Ultimate Home Theater

The proof is in the demonstrations.

Music Reproduced With Such Realism
You Believe You Are There

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